Zaxxiss offers its clients hosting on our Cloud VPS servers located in Dallas and London.

Our VPS servers ensure our clients get the fastest resources available to deliver their websites. Most small business websites are hosted on Shared servers, meaning they are sharing the same server resources with tens of thousands, if not upwards towards a hundred thousand, other websites. Our VPS, Virtual Private Servers, have the same, if not more, resources than a Shared server and only have around 100-150 websites, so the resources are virtually endless.

Hosting with Zaxxiss also ensures that if any issues arise, we can take care of them quickly and in-house ourselves, saving you valuable time waiting on hold for another companies support, and then the frustration of getting transferred to several different levels of support when you finally do get someone on the phone.

We are always easy to get a hold of, and always put server emergencies first.

Mo-Fr: 7am – 4pm
(AZ Time)


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